For the Love of Pets Recap (AKA We Did It!)

For the Love of Pets


When we decided to host our first fundraiser, we knew two things:

1. We wanted to tie it to Valentine’s Day, because pets and their owners share an unconditional love — it’s why we work so hard to keep pets and families together.

2. That meant we had less than six weeks to organize.

Thanks to the unbelievable generosity of local businesses and neighbors, and the enthusiasm of more than 75 attendees, we not only pulled it off — we raised close to $5,000 in one night! 

That money will go directly toward the purchase of dog and cat food. At the February pantry distribution day, we provided food for more than 90 cats and 50 dogs — a record. We quickly ran out of kitty litter and came quite close to running out of cat food, too.

All of you who attended For the Love of Pets — and bought raffle tickets, bid on silent auction items or donated — have made it possible for FP2 to establish relationships with pet food distributors and secure food deliveries for months to come. That’s huge. 

We also benefited from publicity leading up to the event, including this story in DNAInfo.

More people stepped forward to volunteer. Two animal hospitals want to make Friendship Pet Food Pantry the beneficiary of a food drive (more on that soon!). And more pet-focused businesses offered their support.

We’re so grateful to everyone who played a part in the fundraiser’s success. A big thanks to:

  • Ross Outten and the staff at Dolce Casa for hosting the event and providing all the delicious food.
  • Begyle Brewing for providing a variety (and abundance) of their locally made beers.
  • Emily Martin of Orange Beautiful for designing the gorgeous promotional poster.
  • Chris Kaminski of Maverick Wine Company for donating (and pouring!) the wine.
  • Sean Bernard for bartending.
  • Sylvia Munoz, Joe Wojowski and Bernie Heidkamp for volunteering their time (and to Bernie for creating the night’s playlist: Animal Sounds: Friendship Mix — available on Spotify!).
  • Lincoln Square Friendship Center and Alderman Ameya Pawar for their encouragement and support.
  • All our incredible donors (see the full list below).

See you all next year … Feb. 12, 2016, it’s a date! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We love our donors!

4 Legs * Alapash * Amy’s Candy Bar * Sandra M. Brown * Chicago Printmakers Collaborative * Craft Chicago * Fork * Gather * Hazel * Jack & Ginger’s Dog Care * Jewel-Osco * Linda LoBello (Earthly Treasures) * Rosanna Sartori Malato * Mariani Landscape * Meditate Yoga * Mind Art Core Pilates * Neighborly * North Center Animal HospitalPilates Center of Chicago * René Rich (Learn, Cook, Eat) * River Valley Farmer’s Table * Dara & David Salk * Sam & Willy’s * Second City Fitness * Southport & Irving (SIP) Restaurant * Stay Dog Hotel * Urban Pooch

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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