Who Will Win the Pet Food Drive Challenge?

We are feeling extremely lucky today, as two of Chicago’s finest veterinary clinics are competing to see which one can collect the most pet food to donate to Friendship Pet Food Pantry!

Pet food drive challenge

3/25 – Update: Find out who else is involved!

We’re not choosing sides, but we encourage you to do so: Are you Team Animal Medical Center of Chicago, or Team Integrative Pet Care?

You can drop off cans and bags of food at either location through March 31. Or, order food to donate from Parker’s Natural Dog & Cat Market — they’re offering a 20% discount! — and Parker’s will count it toward the clinic of your choice. View the press release for more information.

“We have a great referral relationship with Integrative Pet Care and know how much they are constantly giving back to animal rescues, so we thought they’d be up for the challenge,” said Nick Anderson, hospital administrator at Animal Medical Center of Chicago. “Now, with that being said, our team is dedicated to winning this competition.”

Sarah Jackson, practice manager at Integrative Pet Care, remains optimistic about her clinic’s chances.

“The great thing about this competition is that everybody wins in the end, but our clients are some of the most dedicated pet parents and animal-loving folks in Chicagoland. I can’t imagine that IPC won’t win this one,” said Jackson.

The food will be weighed on the final day, and the losing pet care facility will have to buy lunch for the winner. All food donated to both clinics will be delivered to Friendship Pet Food Pantry (2733 W. Lawrence) on Thursday, April 2, at 4:30 p.m.

Thanks to Animal Medical Center for issuing the challenge, and to Integrative Pet Care for accepting! May the best team win!

Press Release: Local Veterinary Clinics Kick Off “Friendly” Pet Food Drive Competition (pdf)

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